Safari M 筆尖出墨不順問題 


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Re: Safari M 筆尖出墨不順問題

文章Kane » 21日 9月 2013年, 23:45:11

It's in my humble opinion, and for a few good reasons to smile, I believe that, perhaps, Lamy should come clean about their brand name.

It's not Lamy for sure, but Lame (pronounced Europeanly as lame-me). Lame "Safari", for instance, was a dead giveaway. The company were metaphorically informing their customers, they intended to hunt down the buyers with their badly "made in Germany" pens. Just a reminder, the phrase "made in Germany" also appears on some "Iridium nibs".

Under the pressure of more than a few praises, and tons of favorite reviews, I bought my first "Safari", yes, I can still see the scar where the arrow were pulled out from.
The pen holds the record of the driest European made pen in the world. From the outside, it has the similar look of a Platinum Preppy, but in reality, it doesn't even come close to Preppy. Firstly, it costs ten times as much as a Preppy, secondly, it's ten times dryer than a Preppy.

In all, "Safari" is basically, an unsuccessful copy of Platinum Preppy, with a very dry "Iridium nib" that's "made in Germany".
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